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‘24-carat fraud’ : The ‘hypocrisy’ of Sarah Hanson-Young’s latest move

The outspoken critic of violence, Sarah Hanson-Young has written a character reference for a friend who slapped his wife.

Court documents state a man hit his wife across the face with an open hand in December last year. He has pleaded guilty to the assault.

It has now been revealed Federal Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young gave a reference for the man, attesting to his good character and believing it wouldn’t happen again.

“This is someone who has long trumpeted herself as an advocate for victims of harassment and abuse and someone who’s always said there’s never an excuse for hitting a woman,” says Ben Fordham.

Liberal Senator James McGrath tells Ben Fordham he’s calling her out on her hypocrisy.

“She’s a hypocrite in this situation and I’m calling her out.

“She’s one of these senators who likes to go around lecturing the rest of us and the rest of society but when the searchlight of truth is put upon her she goes and hides in the shadows. She should explain fully her actions in this instance.”

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“Sarah Hanson-Young has lost all credibility,” says Ben.

“How can she pretend to be an advocate for women, let alone women caught up in domestic violence, when she lends her support to a man who has admitted slapping his wife across the face?

“Sarah Hanson-Young you are a fake, a 24-carat fraud.”

Image: Getty / Jenny Evans