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Government promises to help Aussies stranded around the world

Hundreds of Australians are anxious to get back home as countries around the world close their borders.

280 Australians are among the 2500 people on board the Norwegian Jewel which set out from Australia late last month for a cruise that was meant to end today.

The ship has been turned away from numerous ports; Fiji, New Zealand and French Polynesia.

There have been no confirmed coronavirus cases onboard.

They are now sailing towards the United States with hopes they can reach land.

Passenger Rachel Deering tells Alan Jones she just wants to come back home to Australia.

“We’re officially locked at sea.

“We don’t want the government to come and bail us out, we’re happy to pay.

“We just can’t get to land. Surely there must be something that someone can do.”

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Foreign Minister Marise Payne tells Alan Jones they are working with the US government to help passengers on the cruise ship.

“I understand that the number of ports that have closed to cruise vessels is proving very challenging.

“We will do everything we can.”

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Listener Mitchell tells Alan Jones he is one of the hundreds of Australians who can’t get out of Peru after they announced a nationwide lockdown.

“The lockdown was broadcast on national TV three hours after I landed in the country.”

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Minister Payne tells Alan Jones they are working closely with the Peruvian government and are in talks with Qantas to bring people home.

“This is basically a whole of government approach.

“We’re working on this every day.”


Consular Emergency lines:

If you’re calling from within Australia:
1300 555 153

If you’re calling from outside Australia:
6261 3305


Image: Getty/Lisa Maree Williams