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Aboriginal councillor calls out flag plan as ‘symbolism’

Prominent Aboriginal woman Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has lashed Luke Foley’s Sydney Harbour Bridge flag plan as “symbolism”.

The Alice Springs councillor tells Alan Jones raising the flag on top of the bridge year-round would do nothing to improve the lives of indigenous Australians.

“I think it’s looking for an easy way, a sort of cop-out way, of trying to change circumstances for Aboriginal people.

“There’s always these pushes for acts of symbolism that really have no impact on the daily lives of Aboriginal people.

“Sure it’s nice to pop a flag up there but you know, what’s it really going to do?”

“Popping a flag up on the bridge is like, ‘well let’s put this flag up here so we can look away from what’s really going on, the suffering that is really going on’.

“In some ways, it’s almost a bit like out of sight out of mind and the victims will continue to suffer in silence.”

Ms Price also talks to Alan about the disgusting ‘Invasion Day’ protest in Victoria, where leaders called for Australia to “burn to the ground”.

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