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‘Absolutely brilliant’: The Young Stars of Country revise their award-winning performance

Four of the most recognisable names in Australian country music have reunited for the 20th anniversary of their group ‘The Young Stars of Country’.

They may laugh at the name that was forced upon them 20 years ago, but Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, Felicity Urquhart and Darren Coggan are more than ready to take to the stage together again.

The group joined Ray Hadley in-studio ahead of their upcoming tour The Reunion – Young Stars of Country, treating him to an incredible performance of Dolly Parton’s Do I Ever Cross Your Mindwhich they won a Golden Guitar for in 2001.

The group told Ray just how little they liked the name that was thrust upon them when they were first put together.

“We hated being called The Young Stars of Country.

“Of course now, as you mentioned off-air we’ve got a new nickname. It’s the old somethings of country!”

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They even treated Ray’s listeners to a second performance of If I Needed You.

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Tickets for the group’s upcoming tour are available at: