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2GB 873 has been Sydney’s number 1 News Talk station for over 15 years. 

2GB is the station Sydney turns to for breaking news, opinions and information on what’s happening locally and around the country. It’s also home to Australia’s best-known radio commentators: Ben Fordham, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Deborah Knight.

On weekends, John & Paul host Sydney’s most popular show, with the Continuous Call Team bringing all the colour and excitement of the NRL to fans across Sydney.

As an integral station in the Nine Radio network, 2GB offers advertisers a unique platform from which to speak to their customers. In fact, over 600,000 people tune into 2GB each week. As an advertiser, you’ll be able to talk to our audience.

2GB listeners are more likely to be Home Owners, Car Owners, Grocery Buyers and Investors. They have a high household income and enjoy spending it on travel, dining out and all that life has to offer.

Nine Radio offers unique cross-media advertising opportunities, combining digital, display, mobile, podcasting and on-air campaigns. Whichever way you like to talk to your customers, we can help you target them and have a great conversation.


Radio is a unique medium, so 2GB has a team of award-winning in-house writers to help craft your message and increase the success of your campaign.

Contact 2GB today and we’ll work with you to get your message to the biggest radio audience in Australia.