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Aged care facilites warned not to put blanket ban on visitors

The President of Australian Medical Association Dr Tony Bartone has warned aged care providers to follow government advice and not place a blanket ban on visitors.

The Prime Minister has today announced anyone who is not vaccinated against influenza after May 1 won’t be allowed into aged care homes.

Visits to aged care facilities will be shortened, and a maximum of two visitors can attend at one time but special exemptions can be made.

Australian Medical Association President Dr Tony Bartone tells Deborah Knight providers need to follow these guidelines.

“I think that if this is applied as a rigid, unbendable, guideline then providers won’t be doing the right thing.

“What we are worried about seeing are some providers introducing blanket bans saying, no one can visit at all.

“That’s not treating people with compassion and respect and we are very concerned about those kinds of measures.”

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