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Alan Jones addresses coronavirus pandemic

Alan Jones has addressed coronavirus fears as countries around the world ramp up efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

There are currently 343 active cases of COVID-19 in Australia and five deaths.

Alan has clarified his position on the impact of the disease.

The elderly and most vulnerable in society are most at risk and Alan says, “I worry about my listeners”.

“I was staggered to see social media posts attacking me. Our job in the media is to inform, to advise and not alarm and I think the media in all of this have done a very poor job.

“The fact that people are fighting over toilet paper indicates the deep sense of alarm.

“No one is saying you won’t get the virus- that is the nature of any flu. But as the Prime Minister said, for 8 in 10 of us it will be a mild illness and it will pass.

“But what is critical is those at greater risk, older Australians and those who are more vulnerable, particularly those with pre-existing conditions… it is a far more serious virus and that is our concern.”

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