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Alan’s 7.10 editorial 27.06.17

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Immigration   June 27 2017

Well, as you know, while I was away the Turnbull Government agreed to pay $70 million in compensation to more than 1,900 asylum-seekers detained on Manus Island in settlement of class action brought by Julia Gillard’s old law firm, Slater & Gordon

Taxpayers will also fork out another $20 million to cover Slater & Gordon’s legal fees

Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, strongly refuted the claims of negligence and false imprisonment put forward in the class action

But settling the case avoided an expensive 6 month trial and a potentially adverse judgement

After all, who would want to try and predict where the Courts stand on issues these days?

Just last week 3 Federal Ministers looked as though they would be charged with contempt of Court simply for criticising Victorian judges for being allegedly soft on terrorism

Slater & Gordon’s 166-page statement of claim alleged asylum-seekers on Manus Island were housed in dirty, overcrowded and overheated accommodation and subjected to violent, anti-social behaviour from security staff

It claimed detainees routinely had insufficient drinkable water

A fortnight ago in Parliament Peter Dutton took aim at what he described as “the ambulance chasing lawyer firm of Slater and Gordon”

This outfit, which will pay itself $20 million of our money for its work on this class action, has done Australian taxpayers no favours

In fact, I think many Australians believe the legal system, including the judiciary and lawyers, are letting the country down – big-time