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Alan’s 810 editorial 070617

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UK election June 7 2017

Well, the polls in Britain have been wrong in the past

But the most recent polls are apparently predicting tomorrow’s general election could result in a hung Parliament

According to a Whitehall source, “a senior civil servant sat in a meeting and said we’ve just all been told to prepare our plan for a hung Parliament”

A YouGov poll published overnight has the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 38%

It predicts the Tories will win 304 seats (22 seats short of the 326 seats the party needs for a majority), Labour 266 seats, the Liberal Democrats 16 seats and the Scottish National Party 42 seats

In other words, the minor parties would hold the balance of power

Another Survation poll suggests the Conservatives lead Labour by just one point 41.5% to 40.4%

On the other hand, bookmakers believe Theresa May will win an increased majority tomorrow

Ladbrokes has her increasing her majority from 17 seats to 70 seats

William Hill has her increasing her majority from 17 seats to 50 seats

Ladbrokes says it believes opinion polls are skewed by the fact that “shy” Conservative voters refuse to participate in polls

As I said, British polls have been notoriously wrong in the past

They got it wrong at the last general election in 2015 and at the Brexit referendum last year

I think I’d be putting my money with the bookmakers