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Andrew Constance reveals his own family’s struggle with bushfire trauma

Bega MP Andrew Constance is begging the public not to forget about the bushfire-ravaged south coast of New South Wales.

Heavy rain has brought some relief to families but their battle is a long way from over.

Some people are so traumatised they still haven’t left the Cobargo Showground evacuation centre.

Mr Constance tells Alan Jones the toll the bushfires have had is enormous, both physically and mentally.

“They need empathy! The disconnect between the outside world and the world we’re in here is very real.

“Don’t forget us. This is very serious for us here.”

The senior government minister reveals his own family is struggling with the bushfire trauma, describing the heartbreaking question his own son asked.

“He’s been quiet for a month, not said much,” he says of 10-year-old William.

“He said to mum, ‘Are we safe now that it’s raining?’

“He hadn’t said a word up to that point about the fires. This is what’s going on in our kids’ minds, our adults are screaming out.

“I don’t want to see long-term mental illness for the trauma, I don’t want to see people self-harming down the track.”

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