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Animal activists ask restaurant to stop serving seafood in view of live fish

Animal rights group PETA have taken up a battle with Cairns Aquarium over the sale of seafood in its restaurant.

Dundee’s restaurant manager Jacob Low told Deborah Knight he thought it was an April Fool’s prank when PETA contacted him, alleging it’s ‘unnerving’ to consume fish alongside tanks full of their live brethren.

“They’ve asked us to look for vegan fish alternatives.

“The funny thing is, we do cater to vegans. We’ve got heaps of vegan options.”

Mr Low laughed off the activists’ request, insisting the restaurant would continue to sell seafood for the foreseeable future.

“Jesus used to eat fish, you know. Fish eat fish … You can’t sit next to a pot plant if you’re going to eat a salad? I don’t know!”

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