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Anti-vaccination magazine lashes out at Ben Fordham

Alternative medicine magazine ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ has lashed out, after a push from Ben Fordham saw the publication scrapped from supermarket shelves.

Despite initially defending their decision to stock the magazine, allegedly filled with conspiracies, dangerous misinformation and dodgy medical advice, following Ben’s interview with Dr Darren Saunders, Coles and Woolworths committed to removing it from all stores nationwide.

In the days since, Ben said he’s been “bombarded with messages from anti-vaxxers, telling me to drop off and mind my own business, and open my eyes to alternative medicine”.

The publishers say the decision to remove the magazine was “misplaced and reactionary”.

“Our problem is not with the supermarkets, it’s with Ben Fordham and 2GB,” they told

Responding to the accusations, Ben defended his pro-vaccination stance.

“I suppose if the publisher is having a go at me, they’re also having a go at the medical experts who slammed their magazine!

“I’m comfortable in the knowledge that vaccines are supported by the Department of Health, Australian Medical Association, the Nurses and Midwifery Association, the Australian Academy of Science, the Centre for Disease Control, and countless other international medical bodies.

“Vaccines save millions of people’s lives every year.

“Thanks to vaccines smallpox has been eradicated, and polio has all but vanished.

“So I’d say to the publishers, and the many people who’ve been trying to ‘educate’ me online, get nicked.”

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