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‘Australia is a very pertinent example’: Oz leading the fight to save western values

Right-wing internet provocateur Douglas Murray believes Australia is the shining beacon of reason around the globe.

He believes Europe on the other hand, is committing suicide.

Murray believes European cultures and values are being eradicated due to mass migration, particularly from Islamic countries.

He shares the opinions in his new book, The Strange Death Of Europe, and is in Australia to open debate on the issue.

The British Author, journalist and political commentator joins Alan Jones in the studio, saying Australia has been leading the fight against the left.

“I actually think that Australia is a very pertinent example on this.

“Australian governments for some time have held the line on borders, have held the line on the difference between legal and illegal.

“In other countries that’s not the case, Germany being the most obvious example.”

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Douglas Murray is in Australia touring with Dr Cornel West, discussing race, foreign policy, free speech and more.

Event details can be found HERE