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Australia should welcome the ‘inevitable’ rise of China says Jim Molan

NSW Senator Jim Molan has commended the government’s handling of diplomatic conflict with China.

He told Mark Levy the Morrison government had done an “admirable” job of rejecting the Chinese government’s bullying tactics without rejecting their value as a trading partner.

“My philosophy on this is that we should welcome the rise of China, firstly because it’s inevitable, … but we should welcome it from a position of strength.

“That strength, Mark, has got to be economic strength, it’s got to be political strength … and military strength.

“We’ll take you China, but we are tough.”

Mr Molan also commented on the “astonishing” revelation that a director of recently defunded think tank China Matters was invited by Labor to speak at a Shadow Cabinet event.

“Why would we ever consider not calling China out on what it is doing, when it contravenes so much that’s important to you and me and your listeners?”

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