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Australia’s Attorneys-General agree on tough new parole laws

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The nation’s Attorneys-General have agreed in-principal to tough new parole laws, extending supervision orders for criminals across the country.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has told 2GB’s Chris Smith it will prevent released criminals from crossing state borders to avoid parole and supervision restrictions.

“Where you’ve got a very high risk offender who has finished his or her sentence but they pose an unacceptable risk to community safety… one of the problems is where an offender wants to cross state borders, sometimes courts have let them do so and that’s the end of the order.

“So we’re trying to plug that loophole and today there’s been an agreement NSW and South Australia will lead an effort to work on laws around the country to get that plughole fixed.

“We’re trying to get some degree of harmony across the country.

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