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Ben Fordham and Big Marn have some interesting advice for The Bachelor 

While it’s not his show of choice, when Ten’s The Bachelor premiered last night, Ben Fordham tuned in.

“When I found out old mate the Honey Badger was going to be The Bachelor this year, I couldn’t refuse.”

Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, is a former Wallabies player with 15 test matches under his belt.

He became famous for his post-match interviews where he’d often say some very strange things…

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Joining Ben in the studio, The Badgelor admits he’d never seen the show, with last night’s episode being his first.

Thinking back to the first night, he says “Oh mate, I was as confused as a bloody mosquito in a mannequin factory”.

“I would much rather a 120-kilo bloke running at me for sure with hungry eyes.”

Speaking of heavy blokes, Darryl ‘Big Marn’ Brohman, a fan of the show, joined the conversation with some rather interesting advice.

WATCH | See the boys offer up their advice to The Bachelor. Take it how you wish…

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