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Ben Fordham clashes with Minister over Aussie hero who saved a young whale

Australia has a new hero named Django, after the young man saved a humpback whale calf caught in a shark net in Burleigh Heads this morning.

Rather than being treated as a hero by the Queensland government, he is facing steep fines for getting too close to shark control equipment and getting too close to a whale.

Queensland Fisheries Minister Mark Furner told Ben Fordham a fine had not yet been issued.

“My understanding is, and I rely on the information supplied by my department, is that this person has not been fined.”

He went on to admit that the incident was still under investigation, and said fines could go over $26,000.

Ben was appalled, arguing the animal was in need and that should trump laws.

“We’re also encouraged not to break windows, but if we saw someone who was dying inside a house that was on fire and we had to smash the window, we would.”

“Poor old Django. I can’t believe they wouldn’t say in these most exceptional circumstances there will be no fine.”

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Image: Nine News