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Ben Fordham fires up over vaping laws in NSW

Ben Fordham has had a fiery exchange with NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard on the merits of e-cigarettes in reducing smoking related deaths.

Australia should follow the lead of other countries, and make it more accessible for smokers to access e-cigarettes, Ben says.

“There is pressure building on lawmakers to stop ignoring the evidence on e-cigarettes.

“Our approach is backwards. Our health ministers have their heads in the sand.”

Mr Hazzard says the evidence is not crystal clear that vaping is a safe option.

He says the NSW government is not proposing to stop people from vaping, but he says the view is that they should not be able to do it in public places.

“There are a variety of views in the US and the UK,” he says.

“My view has been informed by the advice from a whole range of specialists here in Australia.”

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