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Ben Fordham goes head-to-head with Police Minister over protests

NSW Police Minister David Elliott admits he’s uncomfortable with planned protests going ahead in the middle of a pandemic but concedes it’s inevitable.

A protest planned on Saturday for the CBD, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been given the all-clear by state politicians and police.

However, NSW restrictions prevent more than 10 people to gather in public and allow only 50 people at a funeral.

Ben Fordham says the double standard is unacceptable.

Mr Elliott told Ben the right for political freedom is “virtually impossible to stop”.

“Not all politicians approve of it but there’s nothing we can do to oppose it.

“Anybody who goes to a mass gathering during a pandemic is certifiably insane, they are nuts!

“Am I comfortable with what’s going on? Absolutely not. Do I respect the fact that we have rule of law in this state? Yes, I do.”

Ben Fordham: “I think if something is illegal a lot of people say ‘I’m not doing it’ if something is legal everyone says, ‘I can do it!'”

David Elliott: “Mate, the people who attend these gatherings during a pandemic don’t care what their parents say.”

Ben Fordham: “I think you’re generalising! The easiest way to handle it is to say no.”

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