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Ben Fordham speaks with father of officer at the centre of horrifying attack

Ben Fordham has spoken to the father of one of the police officers who were injured in a horrific attack caught on camera.

Two officers were allegedly assaulted when responding to a domestic violence incident on the Central Coast.

The video shows the struggle that ensued between a male and female officer and the alleged offender.

The father of male officer, Daniel Kinghorne, has written to Ben admitting, “it’s times like these we could cop him flipping burgers for a living”. (Full letter below)

He’s calling on mandatory sentences for anyone who assaults a frontline worker.

Geoff Kinghorne told Ben Fordham he doesn’t understand why the Premier wouldn’t strengthen the laws.

“If she’s gonna support police let’s not have it be tokenistic support, let’s have genuine support.”

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told Ben Fordham the police have her full support.

“We have the toughest laws in the land and we will keep doing that.

“But we also need to make sure that anything we do doesn’t have the unintended consequence of letting people off when they should actually be serving jail time.”

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Full letter:

“G’day Ben, the police officer assaulted along with his partner in the arrest on the Central Coast is my eldest son.

“Whilst his mum and I are immensely proud of him and the way he conducted himself during the entire ordeal, it’s times like these we could cop him flipping burgers for a living.

“Both these officers were also first responders to the shooting incident at Wyong a few months ago, where a gunman killed one man, injured others, and fired over 100 rounds.

“Parents of police officers would all share the same anxieties that we do.

“Whenever there is any publicised incident those anxieties are magnified ten-fold.

“When that incident involves your own child, well, it’s a real heart-thumper.

“Restful sleep won’t come easy tonight.

“Attacks on police appear to be sanctioned by some mob-mentality half-wits these days.

“There is a distinct ugliness to those pathetic non-contributors to a peaceful society and they’re only getting worse.

“Many would like to see mandatory sentencing for assaulting police, ambos, and firies – throw in healthcare workers as well.

“Come on, legislators, it just needs to happen.

“Be kind, be peaceful and take care of each other.”