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Ben Fordham urges Donald Trump to ‘step up’

“Where is the president while the nation is turning on itself?”

Ben Fordham is calling on Donald Trump to step up as riots and protests rage across the United States.

The Black Lives Matter protests were sparked after George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis.

The US President is yet to address the nation as protests continue in more than 20 states.

“Right now, the US President Donald Trump needs to take control of the United States of America,” Ben said.

“We know he’s a tough operator… but that may not be what America needs right now.

“I think the President needs to show that he can unite the nation.

“He needs to step up. He needs to address the nation, for starters.”

Mr Trump has since addressed the nation, promising to mobilise federal resources to quell violence.

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Image: Getty/Win McNamee