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Ben Fordham’s advice for Daniel Andrews: ‘Don’t forget which side you’re on’

“I think one of the great things about living in this country is the freedom to think and the freedom to express ourselves,” Ben Fordham opined on his new 2GB Breakfast show this morning.

“We can ask tough questions of our politicians and we have a right to expect an answer.

“But maybe someone has forgotten to tell the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.”

The Australian today reports Mr Andrews’ media team has been shutting down journalists who try to probe the state’s Belt and Road deal with China – “a foreign policy, even though they run a state government”, Ben explained.

“I think he’s getting very sensitive, Daniel Andrews,” Ben said this morning.

“Now more than ever, freedom of the press is a crucial difference between Australia and China.

“Daniel Andrews needs to remember what side he is on.”

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