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Brad Fittler slams Albury Council for ‘ridiculous’ vote on Melbourne Storm

The Melbourne Storm arrived in Albury yesterday but didn’t receive the same warm welcome that the Warriors received in Tamworth.

Albury City Council voted 5-4 to oppose the Storm training in their town.

Blues coach Brad ‘Freddy’ Fittler told Mark Levy he didn’t understand the reaction from the Council given the Prime Minister, Border Control, NSW Premier and the QLD Premier have all given the go-ahead.

“I just cannot believe it, how ridiculous.

“It was a bit childish by one of the councillors to come out and say ‘Rugby league players have a reputation for not following rules.’ 

“I think that was a bit unnecessary… It’s Melbourne, they’ll be fully professional. To criticise rugby league players, now how do you criticise Melbourne? 

“Melbourne are the epitome of professionalism in getting it right, and their results prove it.”

Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer