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BreadGate: Another supermarket scandal

Ben Fordham
Article image for BreadGate: Another supermarket scandal

It’s the crumby scandal that impacts every school lunch box, and every slice of fairy bread at parties around the nation.

Are supermarkets and bakers slicing their bread thicker in an attempt to force customers to buy loaves more regularly?

It’s a question that kneads answers!

Ben Fordham listener, Mark, sent in an email exposing the sliced-bread scandal asking, “whatever happened to the thin-sliced sandwich loaf?”

“If you look at the sandwich loaves in Coles and Woolies right now they are as thick as the old toast slices… it’s another rip-off!”

The issue hit home for Ben too.

“A few months ago I had a craving for a hot chip sandwich. I wanted the thinner sandwich slice and I thought, hang on a momentt. This bread is all thick, what happened to the thin stuff?

“I’ve noticed it as well.”

Click PLAY below to hear how the BreadGate scandal broke

The whistleblower’s claim wasn’t without supporting evidence.

Mark provided his own research finding a slice of ‘toast bread’ and a slice of ‘sandwich bread’ both measured 15mm in thickness.

“It’s only looking like a difference of four slices per loaf,” admits Mark.

The sliced bread theory was on a roll and well supported by listeners, with some suggesting the reasoning behind slicing bread thicker was so supermarkets could make more dough.

Woolworth’s supermarket insider Daniel refused to let the story go stale, calling in to admit his store sells thicker sliced bread.

Click PLAY below to hear his call to Fordham

Ben Fordham