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Breakthrough trial’s promising treatment for sickest COVID-19 patients

British scientists have discovered a commonly available steroid could be a life-saving treatment to treat the sickest COVID-19 patients.

In what’s been touted as a major breakthrough, the trial found dexamethasone could reduce the risk of deaths for patients on ventilators and in need of oxygen.

The drug is used in cancer treatment and for arthritis and asthma sufferers.

University of Sydney’s Dean of Pharmacy, Professor Andrew McLachlan, said it was a very interesting result for those who go on to develop lung disease after the virus.

“This study looked at whether it could help people with a very severe lung condition that arises from COVID-19: acute respiratory distress,” he told Deborah Knight.

“What they showed is that it improved survival, particularly for people on ventolin or who needed oxygen.”

He said it was “really promising” but hastened to add it is not a cure or a vaccine for the virus.

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