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Building regulator cracking down on occupation approval for shonky developers

The NSW Building Commissioner has new powers, and he’s on the tail of the state’s worst building developers.

From September 1, the Building Commissioner will have the power to challenge a developer’s application for an occupation certificate.

Commissioner David Chandler told Ray Hadley his office will focus on identifying and chasing down the riskiest developers based on a ratings tool they’ve developed, and he’s adamant the good guys won’t get caught up in the crackdown.

“Those players have got form, Ray. They’ve built building with lousy track records, they’ve had certifiers on them that have been questionable to say the least.

“I think we’ll have a pretty well-targeted landing platform to pick these people out.

“There’s a very, very large number of developers out there that actually do the right thing.

“But the ones that do the wrong thing are the ones that are in our sight.”

Ray commended the Commissioner’s efforts to protect residents.

“David, you’ve done a remarkable job in a short space of time.

“People [are] being dudded. At least in NSW they’ve got someone to champion their cause.”

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