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Business owners’ final plea before the light rail sends them broke

Business owners along the new Sydney light rail line are crying out for help as construction continues to dent revenue.

The project is now $1 billion over budget and a year behind schedule, with claims the Spanish contractor is deliberately delaying work.

Alan speaks with three business owners who are on their knees, crying out for financial assistance from the state government.

Kingsford optometrist Grant Tannos tells Alan he was promised construction would take months, but it’s now been going for more than two and a half years.

“I’ve been in business there for 30 years now, 30 years!

“I’ve been through the GFC, I’ve been through the aggressive competition with, say, Specsavers.

“I’ve survived all that and it’s going to be the light rail that’s going to pull me down.”

Alan also speaks with Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas from the Small Business Matters Party about the disgraceful state of play.

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