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Calls for the PM to fix ‘the greatest mistake ever made since federation’

A desperate farmer is calling for Scott Morrison to step in and correct “the biggest disaster ever implemented by a federal government”.

Ron Pike is referring to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, established by John Howard when he was in office.

The plan has now created a political drought, where farms are dying as they watch ample amounts of water flow past their properties and out to sea.

Mr Pike tells Alan Jones the Liberals and Nationals must admit they got it wrong and fix things before it’s too late.

“The takeover of control of the Murray-Darling Basin by the federal government will go down in history as the greatest mistake ever made since federation. The biggest disaster ever implemented by a federal government.

“It was never necessary, there was no problem with our river system.

“These people are destroying the whole basin, from the environment to the businesses… and we are looking at a desperate situation where the Prime Minister must step up to the plate.”

Mr Pike says he has a plan that will fix the issue and is urging the PM to listen.

“I’m asking the Prime Minister, with tears in my eyes, to immediately act to correct a grave injustice that has been wrought on the lives of over two million hard-working Australians.

“Prime Minister, we can fix this but we can only fix it if we work together.”

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Farmer’s desperate plea that every Australian needs to hear