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Celebrating 8 years since the unveiling of the Ray Warren statue

Long time listeners of The Continuous Call Team will know that this week marked the 8th anniversary since the unveiling of the Ray Warren statue at Junee.

The legendary NRL caller, who was also named as a nominee for the NRL’s Media Hall of Fame, is often considered to be the most famous person from the NSW riverina region.

Since the statue was erected, Ray “Rabbits” Warren’s rumoured to often visit the site, posing for photos and even signing autographs for fans.

But the Chairman revealed on the program today that getting the statue together wasn’t as easy as the team had first thought.

And apparently, Ray Warren wasn’t too keen on the idea of the statue at first…in fact, this expression in this photo says it all.

This is the image sent to a very special sculptor, over in China, known as “Ping U”, so that he could mould the Ray Warren statue.