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Chris unleashes on ‘ugly, expensive’ Liddell deadlock

The future of Australian power is “ugly”.

For months now, AGL has refused to budge on its decision to close its Liddell coal-fired power station, despite numerous requests from the Federal Government to reconsider.

Chris Smith is slamming the move, saying it’s jeopardising Australia’s chances of remaining competitive.

“Imagine how much more competitive we could be internationally if we could return to cheap power prices.”

He’s also come down hard on the Federal Government for failing to turn the closure around.

“Do we have a leader in this country with the backbone, the ticker, the courage to stand up to this American (AGL boss Andy Vessy)?

“We must have suicidal maniacs running the joint, who would rather think and pretend that they are saving the planet and changing the temperature instead of giving Australians what they deserve, which is cheaper power.”

This comes after a warning from Nathan Vass from The Australia Power Project that power prices are set to sour a further $500 a year, based on the closure of Liddell.

After hearing the warning, AGL boss Andy Vessey is still standing firm the plant will close by 2022.

“It basically sounds like he doesn’t care.

“He is outrageous this bloke, he sounds incredibly selfish he couldn’t give a rat’s bum about the general population and what you’re paying for your power bill.”

As for Environment Minister Josh Frydenbrerg, Chris asks “what does he plan to do about what is an ugly, expensive, deadlock?”

Listen to Chris’ slamming comments below