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Clive Palmer’s fugitive nephew continues to evade authorities

Clive Palmer’s nephew Clive Mensik is on the run, continuing to live a glamorous life in Bulgaria despite two warrants out for his arrest.

Mensink, 49, has been overseas since June 2016 and has failed to appear to give evidence at a federal court hearing into the $300 million collapse of the Queensland Nickel refinery.

As this is a civil matter, not a criminal matter, it’s not so easy to get him home.

Authorities seem to have no intention of chasing Mensink, leaving it a job for the press.

Mensink, now in Bulgaria, is living the high life with his new girlfriend. He’s also had a significant makeover, losing half his body weight and growing a full beard.

Ellen Whinnett, News Corp Europe Correspondent, tracked down and found Mensink in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia after a year-long investigation.

“The authorities have their hands tied on this a little bit. The fact that it’s a civil matter means that extradition is unlikely at this stage.

“He said he won’t come back.

“He initially said he was bonding with a girlfriend and his relationship is his priority.

“His lawyers are preparing an appeal against two warrants for his arrest.”

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Image: The Australian