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Comedian slammed for foul attack on Donald Trump’s daughter

American comedian Samantha Bee has been slammed for making disgraceful remarks about US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

In a segment on Bee’s late night television show, she took aim at Ivanka Trump over her father’s immigration policy.

“Do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless c***,” Bee said.

Bee has since issued an apology but hasn’t been fired over the attack.

Chris Smith and All-Star Prue MacSween are pointing out the hypocrisy, after actress Roseanne Barr was sacked by the ABC within hours of posting an offensive and racist tweet.

“Based on that rule and that decision, why shouldn’t the television network that puts to air Samantha Bee’s late night program get rid of her too?” Chris asks.

“Exactly, and of course they’re not,” Prue says.

“She’ll get a little slap and probably a tickle for saying it in the back room.”

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