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Craig Kelly still has ‘grave concerns’ over NEG, says ‘we go backwards’

The National Energy Guarantee (NEG) has been overwhelmingly endorsed by Coalition MP’s during a marathon party room meeting.

Speaking before the meeting, former leader Tony Abbott implored his colleagues not to back the scheme.

“It would be just madness, absolute madness,” he said.

Strong opponent of the NEG and Chair of the Coalition’s backbench energy committee Craig Kelly tells Chris Smith the policy “does not have my support”.

He says he still has “grave concerns”.

“When I look at the [Energy Security Board’s] modelling, there is not more dispatchable power, there is actually less.

“We go backwards in black coal… there’s no more brown coal. There’s no more natural gas, there’s no more diesel, there’s no more hydro.”

He says the modelling ultimately gives “more unreliable, weather-dependent generation capacity”.

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Several power companies are shown a willingness to built a new clean coal plant.

Delta Electricity put up their hand to build one within the next five years.

Chair Trevor St Baker says with the policy over the line, the NEG can’t bring prices down for consumers without a new clean coal plant.

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