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Daryl Braithwaite debuts new single originally meant for Pink

Australian music royalty Daryl Braithwaite, best known for his icon ‘The Horses’ track, has released a new single destined to become a hit.

The new release ‘Love Songs’ is the singer-songwriting legend’s first release in seven years and Ben Fordham thinks it’s just as catchy as his other chart-toppers.

“The moment I heard this song, I just thought ‘oh this is going to be one of these tracks’.

“You just know it’s going to get in your head and it’s never going to leave!”

Braithwaite told Fordham he originally created the song for US musician Pink to sing, but ex-Shertbet manager and Pink’s manager, Roger Davies, believed Daryl was the best man for the song.

“It was meant to go to Pink for her acceptance… Roger heard it and said no, no… you record it.

“I was fortunate in that respect.”

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Image: Dean Sewell/Nine