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Deputy Premier John Barilaro breaks his silence on public spat

Deputy Premier John Barilaro insists he and Andrew Constance remain friends but won’t confirm if he used a derogatory slur to describe him.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance backflipped on his announcement to run for the federal seat of Eden Monaro, claiming he’s been ”white anted” by Deputy Premier John Barilaro who also considered running.

Mr Barilaro reportedly called Mr Constance a “c**t” in private conversations.

He told Chris Smith what really happened is between the two of them.

“Andrew and I are still mates. We spoke last night, we touched base this morning.

“It’s been brutal for both of us but it’s the game we’re in.

“I haven’t yet confirmed nor denied all those messages.

“Andrew and I are in a really good place, we’re mates.”

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