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‘Enough is enough!’: Deputy Premier warns the Coalition agreement is under threat

The NSW Deputy Premier says the Liberal-National Coalition has been “undermined” and is now under threat.

Environment Minister Matt Kean has launched a consultation period into noise and air pollution caused by freight trains in regional New South Wales.

The NSW Farmers Association has warned the scheme will hurt industry, force more trucks on the roads and push up grocery prices.

It’s the latest in a raft of green policies announced by Minister Kean, putting conservative colleagues and constituents offside.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro has hit out at his colleague in an explosive interview with Ray Hadley, saying he won’t take it any longer.

“This is wrong, we can’t stand by and cop it and that is why, for me, this has undermined what I believe is the strongest Coalition in the nation.

“When a Minister of the government is undermining my communities, I cannot stand idle.”

The Nationals leader says the entire government Coalition is now under threat and insists he’s prepared to deal with the consequences.

“This has undermined that Coalition because of the constant attacks on my stakeholders and my communities. I can’t sit idle and that will put a strain on the Coalition, there’s no doubt about it.

“I’m fed up with it and, I tell you what, my partyroom’s fed up with it and that’s why this does put a lot of pressure on where we are at the moment.

“I’ll cop it from a whole heap of people for saying what I’m saying on radio to you but the truth is, enough is enough.

“I cannot stay quiet and I’m prepared to cop the backlash for that. I just can’t cop it anymore and that’s why I’m speaking out.”

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