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EXCLUSIVE | Bupa CEO apologises for incidents of neglect in nursing homes

The CEO of Bupa has fronted up for an in-studio interview with Steve Price over recent allegations of neglect in Bupa nursing homes.

15 of 30 of its nursing homes in NSW failed in reaching basic care benchmarks over the last four years.

It was alleged a cancer sufferer in one of its Gold Coast facilities was found with maggots crawling in his ear, which was the second time such an incident had been reported.

CEO of Bupa Hisham El-Ansary has apologised profusely to all those who have been impacted by the poor quality of care.

“I’m very sorry to the individuals involved and their families.

“I can tell you that our 9000 people come to work every day to do a good job and sometimes we don’t get that right, and where we don’t I’m very sorry on behalf of Bupa and personally.”

He says they’ve dialled up their own internal auditing process to help identify any issues.

“I am absolutely committed as the CEO of this company to ensure we get it right every time. That’s my commitment to all of you out there.”

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