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EXCLUSIVE | Police Commissioner takes control of cruise ship quarantine

The NSW Police Commissioner has now been given responsibility for the control and quarantine of cruise ships and other vessels.

Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Ray Hadley NSW Police will take the lead, working with the Border Force and NSW Health, in hopes of averting another Ruby Princess fiasco.

“I’ve just walked out of a meeting with the Premier and the Treasurer and a couple of other cabinet members, and they’ve given me responsibility for making sure no one comes on-shore in New South Wales.

“No-one is coming on-shore, no-one’s going to put the people of NSW at risk, unless I am crystal clear they are free of the virus.”

Mr Fuller says there are now 11 vessels waiting off the coast.

Australians will be evacuated from ships by air or by sea and put in controlled quarantine, but foreign passengers will be turned back after restocking and refuelling.

“We know that people from overseas are key spreaders.”

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Image: William West/AFP via Getty Images