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Farmers celebrate steady rainfall but government’s help comes too ‘late’

Drought-stricken farmers in central western New South Wales are breathing a sigh of relief this morning as the weather turns in their favour, but their struggle is far from over.

Bathurst has experienced 6mm of rain overnight, with rain still falling at a “steady” rate.

Orange has also experienced rainfall, with just over 12mm being recorded.

But today’s positive weather report isn’t even close to what farmers need to get back on their feet.

Fifth-generation dairy farmer David McKay tells Alan Jones people in the bush are running out of feed for their stock and financial assistance has come too late.

“We carry the food for the world,” David tells Alan.

“I know a lot of people have got our backs and the governments are starting to take notice now, but it’s getting a bit late.”

His comments come after the federal government announced an additional $190 million would be allocated to help farmers with cost of living expenses.

Alan says if the crisis continues, the industry is done for.

“If this goes on, there’ll be no bread on the table, there’ll be no cereal on the table, there’ll be no milk on the table.

“This is agriculture on the rack.”

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