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Father taken to court for smashing 13yo daughter’s phone

Ray Hadley has applauded a magistrate for dismissing a case where a father was charged for smashing his 13-year-old daughter’s phone.

The 41-year-old Central Coast dad was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and intentionally destroying her mobile phone after he tried to discipline the teenager.

It all started when the daughter reportedly lied about eating chocolates in her bedroom and was sent to her room without her phone.

The situation escalated with the father accidentally breaking a light bulb which cut his daughter’s foot.

The dad had previously threatened to smash the girl’s phone, which he pays for, and followed through on his promise.

The 13-year-old told a courtroom her phone was the “most important” thing in the world to her.

The girl’s parents are divorced with the mother instructing her to call police.

Magistrate Andrew George dismissed the assault and recorded no conviction for destroying the mobile phone, labelling the whole thing a “waste of time”.

Ray Hadley agrees with the man’s claims that he was “simply being a dad”.

“I’m glad the magistrate’s called it for what it is, a waste of time.

“I have discussed Magistrate Andrew George and I’ve found myself at odds with him… but in this particular case I’m standing on a soapbox cheering for Magistrate Andrew George.”

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