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‘Get your backside into gear’: Ben Fordham has a scathing message for the PM

Major companies, sporting clubs and ordinary Australians have been quick to get behind our drought-stricken farmers.

Macquarie Media, Fairfax Media and Buy A Bale have joined forces to launch The Big Dry Drought Appeal, to help those doing it tough in the bush.

Even the New South Wales Government got on board this week, announcing an additional $500 million would be allocated to drought relief.

But Ben Fordham is questioning where the federal government is…

“There hasn’t been a significant injection of cash funds from the Commonwealth, thus far,” Ben says.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has spoken today saying “farmers need our support” and “we have your back”.

But Ben is issuing a strong message to our nation’s leader.

“They will believe that when they see it, Malcolm.

“I’d get off your ass and get into gear on that one because they’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting.”

Ben has pointed out how quick NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was in taking action.

“That’s leadership and we haven’t seen it from the Commonwealth so far.

“Malcolm, you need to get your backside into gear.”

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