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Government ban on synthetic lotteries could destroy local business

Some newsagents are raising concerns about the new federal bill, cracking down on “synthetic lotteries”.

Legislation will be introduced into federal parliament, which would ban Australians from betting on the outcome of overseas lotto draws.

Lottoland, a sponsor of Macquarie Media’s Continuous Call Team, is one of the companies that would be affected.

Newsagents Association of NSW and ACT Chief Executive Ian Booth called Ray Hadley, saying the move will create a “virtual monopoly” and could harm newsagencies.

“Our concern is that if the bill is passed… the incumbent the Tatts Group and NSW Lotteries Corporation will have unfettered ability to extend their own online operations at the expense of small businesses such as newsagents.”

“That’s already happening. Their online sales have increased to 16.5%. Newsagents get none of that.”

Mr Booth says a moratorium, which currently prevents lotteries extending into large supermarket chains, will cease in three days and could be yet another hit to small businesses.

“Tatts Group has stated should they receive an application from a large chain supermarket… they will consider that application on its merits.

“They have made it clear that the small businesses they have relied upon for all of their life, they are prepared to sacrifice them to suit their own commercial outcomes.”

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