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Greens ‘idiocy’ met with anger from politicians as police recruits are sworn in

More than 100 new recruits have been sworn into the NSW Police Force today amid calls to ‘defund’ the police from some politicians.

A Senate motion condemning “those calling for the defunding of our essential police forces” passed 52 to 8 yesterday with only The Greens voting against it.

NSW Senator Jim Molan, who co-sponsored the motion, told Mark Levy The Greens have a recurring problem when it comes to supporting otherwise bipartisan motions.

“The idiocy of it was that they tried to explain what they meant by ‘defunding the police’, and what they meant was they want to take money from the police and give it to social causes.

“They are the most divisive party in the Senate.”

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Despite the heated political climate, 159 new probationary constables were welcomed into the NSW Police Force today.

The 117 men and 42 women have graduated their academy training and will now undertake 12 months of on-the-job training, as well as an Associate Degree in Policing Practice by distance education.

Police Academy Principal Superintendent Rod Smith told Mark Levy the new recruits will be hitting the streets as soon as Monday morning.

“They’re as proud as punch today to be sworn cops.”

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Image: NSW Police



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