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Health Minister rejects push to close Victorian border and slams complacency in NSW

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has doubled down on deterring interstate travel from Victoria after a massive spike in cases.

Mr Hazzard told Mark Levy visitors from across the border run the risk of unknowingly infecting their entire family, especially with up to 80 per cent of cases being mild or asymptomatic.

“We’ve got school holidays kicking off for the Victorians, and we’re quite worried.

“We want to help them, but we’re also asking them to help us.”

Though a hard border closure is not on the cards for the time being, the Health Minister refused to rule out such a measure.

“I think it’s fair to say that we always keep everything on the table, but closing the border is not an option we’re currently considering.

“That’s our focus, support, not putting up walls at this stage.”

Mr Hazzard said he’s particularly concerned by the complacent behavior exhibited by Sydneysiders.

“I saw a pub in a suburb, which I won’t name, … not socially distanced.

“They were doing just like rip-roaring the old days, and that worries the dickens out of me.”

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Image: Nine News