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Five reasons IQbuds™ BOOST are a better Father’s Day gift than another tie or coffee mug

IQ Buds
Article image for Five reasons IQbuds™ BOOST are a better Father’s Day gift than another tie or coffee mug

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so here’s a hot tip: Your old man probably doesn’t want another tie, coffee mug nor six-pack of jocks.

It’s time to get him something both useful and unique, and nothing fits the bill better than IQbuds™ BOOST.

IQbuds™ BOOST are wireless earbuds with the capacity to put a smile on dad’s face and help him hear better.

Here’s five scenarios in which they’ll boost dad’s hearing (and lifestyle!).

  1. In the office: Many workers use noise-cancelling headphones to combat office noise. While effective, blocking all audio from the outside world can also be more trouble than it’s worth (no one wants to be tapped on the shoulder every 10 minutes). Not only do IQbuds™ BOOST look a lot slicker than bulky noise-cancelling headsets, they’ll let dad choose how much ‘office noise’ he hears, as well as blending audio from different sources; radio, video, music — it all comes together through IQbuds™ BOOST and helps you hear what you need to hear, clearer.
  2. Noisy pubs and restaurants: Let’s face it, most of us get a bit ‘pub deaf’ long before parenthood. IQbuds™ BOOST not only amplify speech in noisy scenarios, they offer 5 distinct personal profile settings to boost specific frequencies of sound to match your hearing profile. Not only will dad become the life of the party, but you’ll be wanting to borrow them!
  3. Exercising: There’s not one single feature that makes IQbuds™ BOOST the best choice for runners. It’s the combination of features that allow the wearer to have total control over their audio environment. The secure fit is important – no more having your headphones bouncing out as you jog. Other features include: Truly wireless, high quality sound, augmented hearing, battery life and voice-activated control.
  4. On the plane: Noise-cancelling headphones guess which sounds you want removed. With IQbuds™ BOOST, you choose what gets cancelled and what takes priority.
  5. Watching TV: This is the gamechanger. Watching TV can be frustrating for those with even a small degree of hearing loss, because simply turning up the volume isn’t always a viable – nor healthy – solution. With IQbuds™ BOOST, you can hear clearer TV, at a lower level.

Click here to learn more about IQbuds™ BOOST today.

Oh, and GREAT NEWS! The good folk at Nuheara have partnered with Macquarie Media to give you a chance to win a pair of IQbuds™ BOOST in time for Fathers Day — enter online here!

IQ Buds