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Heartbroken grandmother gets a helping hand from generous listeners

2GB listeners have stepped up to the plate to bring Easter joy to a fellow listener’s grandchild during a tough time.

It wasn’t shaping up to be a very happy Easter for Robyn’s “traumatised” five-year-old grandson, who had a pack of toilet rolls stolen from him in a supermarket.

To add insult to injury, heartbroken Robyn wasn’t even able to get him an Easter egg!

Just a few minutes after hearing Robyn’s story, Josh jumped on the line to pitch in with a gift for the grandson.

“I’m delivering hampers as we speak, and I actually have an extra one for that lovely lady,” he told Deborah Knight, pledging on behalf of his wife’s business ‘I love Hampers’.

“I’m in the car with my friend and I heard her, and we both nearly started crying.”

Louise was also touched by Robyn’s call, offering to donate a bouquet to the mix.

“I heard that poor woman talk about how she was missing her husband, how he’s in an aged care home and she’s not.

“It’s moments like that you need a bunch of flowers.”

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Image: Facebook/I love Hampers