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‘History will judge him’: Latham on Abbott’s fierce stance against NEG

The Prime Minister has secured a victory in the Coalition party room which has overwhelmingly endorsed his energy policy.

More than 30 MP’s had their say on the National Energy Guarantee during a marathon two-hour meeting.

In the end, only four spoke against the plan.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott said to back the NEG is “absolute madness”.

But is it a victory for the PM or this the moment Mr Abbott throws down the gauntlet?

Outsider Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham it’s a line in the sand moment.

“The policy itself was a patch-up job.

“And just because Tony Abbott’s is in a minority in politics, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong.

“He’s making some very essential points and that is that countries that rely on renewables have higher prices.”

The Outsider says “history will judge” Mr Abbott.

“I have the feeling that even though Tony Abbott is in a small minority today, he will be vindicated in the future.”

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