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How a Sierra Leone refugee rebuilt her life in Australia

When Aminata Conteh-Biger was kidnapped in her home country of Sierra Leone, she was afraid she wouldn’t make it out alive.

Eight years into the Sierra Leone Civil War, which claimed over 50,000 lives, 18-year-old Aminata was captured by rebel forces.

Treated brutally by her captors, she was eventually released and became the first refugee woman from Sierra Leone to come to Australia.

She tells her remarkable story to Ben Fordham, describing the “extremely hard” transition from Africa to Australia.

“The thing about refugees when they come to a country like Australia is they are full of gratitude, so they don’t even have time to process what they’ve been through.”

Aminata has created an extraordinary life in our country, especially in the foundation of her charity Aminata Maternal Foundation, which helps tackle the infant mortality rate in Sierra Leone.

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