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‘I want to clean up the act of the whole damn lot of them’: Pauline Hanson

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says politicians need to do more after it was revealed a growing number of migrants are voting for her party.

ABC analysis found One Nation was polling strongly in electorates with the highest percentage of migrants in Australia despite its clear stance against immigration.

Labor has been warned it could continue to lose votes to One Nation unless it starts talking to a variety of people.

Pauline Hanson tells Ben Fordham the politicians need to answer to the public.

“I want to clean up the act of the whole damn lot of them.

“You have all the policies written that you want to but unless you’re really out there fighting for these issues, to make changes in this country for the wellbeing of the people here, I’m not interested.

“Scott Morrison, he may seem compassionate to some people but what the hell has he done?”

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Image: Getty/Lisa Maree Williams