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‘I’ll call out bullies every day of the week’: Ben Fordham takes disgruntled emailer to task

Ben Fordham has unleashed on a disgruntled emailer who has come to the defence of disgraced Labor MP Emma Husar.

Ms Husar announced she would quit politics earlier this month, after a flood of bullying allegations were leveled against her by former staff.

But Ms Husar is set to hit our screens on Tuesday night on the ABC, claiming the reason she isn’t recontesting the next federal election is because she’s been “slut-shamed”.

Ben Fordham isn’t having a bar of it.

“Emma, the allegations against you of a sexual nature were only a minor part of the case against you.

“The vast majority of the claims were about you being verbally abusive and expecting your staff to babysit your kids, walk the dog and pick up the dog poo.

“That’s why your career in politics is over.”

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But one emailer, Jamie, isn’t pleased with Ben’s remarks, accusing him of “kicking her whilst she’s down” and saying he should be “done for defamation”.

“You’re launching wild accusations without any factual basis.

“You as a shock jock crap journalist have ruined her life and political career.”

Ben has hit back at Jamie’s criticism, pointing out the bullying accusations didn’t come from him but came from over 20 former staff members.

“When you say stop kicking her while she’s down, if Emma Husar wanted to disappear into the background and pretend like nothing had happened, or committed to trying to repair her reputation based on the damage that she did to it herself, then there wouldn’t be an issue.

“She’s doubling down with another TV interview tonight where she’s claiming she’s the victim of slut-shaming.

“So what she’s actually the victim of, Jamie, is bully-shaming because Australians don’t like bullies and Emma Husar is a bully.

“I’ll call out bullies every day of the week, Jamie. Thank you very much for the email.”

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